Style & Other Site Updates

We have made some major changes to the website design over the past few weeks, while making minor adjustments to the layout. The major change is the color scheme of the website, with improvements in readability, spacing, and headings, while attempting to maintain the retro feel. Let us know in the comments if you like these changes, or have any suggestions!

We have added over 1000 new songs to the ZX Radio since the last update, that pushes us near 3000 different tracks to listen too. We regularly add new songs and remove songs that perform poorly in our voting results. So make sure to tune in using your browser or your favorite media player, and vote on which songs you like the best so we can make the radio even better for everyone!

We also made fixes and improvements to the Nintendo Power section of the website, so if you haven't viewed these magazines, you really should! Also, if you own a tablet of some sort, the full screen mode is really fun to view these with. Touch mode is fully supported, and it even emulates page turning. It's about the best you can get, without owning the actual magazine!

Check back soon as we will have many more videos to add to our Legend of Zelda TV Series section, including an entire new series to watch!