Majora's Mask Limited Editions Sell Out In Minutes, More Stock Incoming?

Unlike many past limited edition versions of Zelda themed consoles and games, the Majora's Mask limited edition variants have all sold out within minutes of the pre-order opening up. Meanwhile, it is still pretty easy to find the Wii U Wind Waker bundle, as well as the Link Between Worlds 3DS. So why is the Majora's Mask edition so... limited?

The shortage of Majora's Mask harkens back to the recent run of certain Amiibos that saw very high demand, but low supply. Is this part of Nintendo's strategy to artificially create even more demand, similar to what some people accuse Apple of doing when it sells out of its newest iPhone every year? Who knows, but the situation is frustrating for Zelda fans.

Thankfully, some Zelda fans may still have a chance at snagging a copy of the limited edition system and game before the launch date on February 13th, as reports are coming in that GameStop will have more in stock this Tuesday and are actually canceling preorders for people who have ordered more than one, which should put a major dent on eBay sellers who were looking to make a major profit. There are also confirmations that you can still pre-order one at some store locations, so don't give up!

So, were you one of the lucky few to snag a copy of the system? Let us know in the comments!
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Nov 10, 2003
I'm really, really hoping that they have more stock in tomorrow for this. I hear the New 3DS is so much better in almost every way, but I can't really see myself going for the regular editions when you could have one of these.


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Nov 10, 2003
Either way I can't really justify spending to upgrade from my 3DS to a N3DS, at least until there is some exclusive must have game, but I can't imagine Nintendo doing that any time soon.