Majora's Mask and That Spooky Time of Year


It's that time of year where ghosts and goblins invade our closets, beds, attics, and shadows. In the spirit of things, we have changed the style of the website to a Majora's Mask color scheme, as well as changing the Live Radio to a mixture of the Castlevania series, Majora's Mask, and other halloween themes. Majora's Mask being released a few days shy of Halloween in October of 2000, the game embodies a certain spooky feeling even after all these years, even influencing a creepy-pasta called "BEN Drowned". Trying to save the world from an impending collision between the world and the Moon, the task seems even impossible for the Hero of legend.

Majora's Mask is generally regarded as one of the weaker Zelda titles, but it is a personal favorite of mine as it is one of the more unique Zelda titles with its real-time world, the quite numerous sidequests, and the sense of urgency and dread the game bestows onto the player. Who can forget changing into a Goron and rolling through the areas as fast as you could go, or transforming into a Zora to swim into the deepest ocean? Collect all the masks and you are rewarded with an awesome warrior that makes mincemeat of his foes. What are your favorite moments and memories from Majora's Mask? Let us know in the comments!