Majora's Mask 3DS Released!

Majora's Mask 3DS and the New 3DS system were officially released today for the 3DS! Majora's Mask features quite a number of changes from the N64 version, including the ability to use the Fierce Diety mask outside of the final battle, but only in the fishing holes. Other changes are similar to the changes Ocarina of Time 3DS had, such as gyroscopic controls for first person events, better item management, and different ocarina notes. Majora's Mask 3DS also supports the second control stick for camera movement.

A few stores did receive more stock of the limited Majora's Mask New 3DS system, but were sold out pretty quickly, so don't give up hope if you still want one!
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Deku Scrub
Oct 31, 2014
Since the fishing holes are the only two new areas added to the game, it seems that the flags that prevent the use of the FD mask weren't applied to the new area definitions. That seems the most logical probability.


Yeah, that's right.
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Nov 10, 2003
Hmm, that's an interesting possibility. I thought in the original game, you lost the Fierce Diety Mask once you beat the game, but actually I think that's wrong and you do keep it. So yeah, I would have to agree that it probably was unintentional, but I can't see them wanting to patch it either.