The Official Marvel vs Capcom 3 Giveaway Thread!



Hay guys, it's time for our first giveaway of 2011! One of the first big games of this year is Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds. Whether you're a fan of fighting games, Capcom games, or Marvel comics, chances are you can't wait to get your hands on it. So what better way to experience the game than getting it for free!?

All you gotta do is tell us who your team is going to be if you were to win and why you'd pick each of them. Also don't forget to include which system you want it for. After Feb. 12th, I'll compile all of the names and we'll pick a winner. The winner will receive the Standard Edition of the game with overnight shipping, just in time to be there for all the day one action! As with our others, you must be at least 18 years old to enter and it's only open to residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec).



Akuma of Street Fighter
Amaterasu of Okami
Arthur of Ghosts n Goblins
Chris Redfield of Resident Evil
Chun-Li of Street Fighter
Dante of Devil May Cry
Felicia of Darkstalkers
Mayor Mike Haggar of Final Fight
Hsien-Ko of Darkstalkers
Jill Valentine of Resident Evil (DLC ONLY; DLC will be made available 4 weeks from launch)
Morrigan of Darkstalkers
Ryu of Street Fighter
Nathan "Rad" Spencer of Bionic Commando
Trish of Devil May Cry
Tron Bonne of Mega Man Legends
Viewtiful Joe of Viewtiful Joe
C. Viper of Street Fighter
Albert Wesker of Resident Evil
Zero of Mega Man X


Captain America of Captain America
Deadpool of The New Mutants
Doctor Doom of The Fantastic Four
Dormammu of Strange Tales
Hulk of The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man of Iron Man
Magneto of X-Men
M.O.D.O.K. of Tales of Suspense
Phoenix of X-Men
Sentinel of X-Men
She Hulk of Savage She-Hulk
Shuma Gorath of Strange Tales (DLC ONLY; DLC will be made available 4 weeks from launch)
Spider Man of Spider Man
Super-Skrull of Fantastic Four
Taskmaster of The Avengers
Thor of The Mighty Thor
Wolverine of X-Men
X-23 of X-Men

So good luck to all, and don't forget to check out our (admittedly loose) MvC3 discussion thread while you're at it.

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Captain Awesome
Let's see, my team is most likely going to be Thor, Zero, and Iron Man.(Xbox 360)

Nightcrawler is my favorite comic character, followed by Thor. So with Nightcrawler not in the running I will go with Thor. Zero is definitely one of my favorite people in the Mega Man universe.(one of the few people I really know anything about) Iron Man is a newly cool Marvel universe person. I admit I only really read into him a bit once news of the first movie was around.

The reason I'm playing MvC3 is my friends are big Street Fighter fans. The friends I hang around daily and some of you as well. So they've been trying to get me in on MvC3 as a fighting game. Currently have CE preordered but hey, free game would be nice instead. :)

Either way, looking forward to playing some MvC3 with you guys!


Hell yeah, we're gonna have a lot of fun with this game since it's a little easier to get into than Street Fighter. Plus it looks really pretty too!


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Magento? Because the man can kill an entire city with a freaking beer can. I've been sold on him since I saw the first X-Men movie back in the day. Plus he's a fun character to use.

Wesker? Wesker has been a top villian of mine since I started playing RE way back in the day. Hell, I'm already a big RE nut as it is, and Wesker has been one of the best in the business. Just play RE 5 and you can just see how much ass he is kicking. He looks like a really fun character to use.

Taskmaster? Probably one of the coolest villians in Marvel. He's actually one of the few people in comic books who could have gone either way. Coming out into the world he could have either been a top-notch crime fighter, but he went the other way and decided to be a professional criminal. He's also trained Captain America for a while and kicked Spiderman's pansy ass all around New York. Point is: He's been all over the place and is one of the cooler characters in the Marvel universe. Again, he looks really fun to play as.

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Iron Man

Magneto is obvious. I dressed as him for Halloween a few years ago.

Gotta have a Mega Man character in there.

Iron Man just seems like an interesting character to use.

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Felicia cause she is one of my best characters from MvC2
Deadpool cause he is one of my fav comic book characters
Tron Bonne cause I love the MML series

My team may change but thats who im going to start with
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Sweet Little Lies
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Chris Redfield because he has the same first name as me and I guess RE5 was alright.

Magneto because he was pretty cool in that movie.

Wolverine because he was pretty cool in that movie.

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Deadpool - My favourite comic book character ever.
Magneto - No reason needed
Wolverine - He has sharp pointy claws!

and y'all know i got a 360
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The Chairman
Mahvell Baby Mahvel Baby

Dante (Looks tight)
DeadPool (Just Bad Ass)
Wolverine (My favorite character growing up)

and if that fails I will just use whoever Logan or Bayli uses cause they must be good (with as much shit they talk LOL)

Edit. Oh 360 by the way. I'm also using the Illusive man as my backup if thats allowed.
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Deku Scrub
Team Sarcasm - Spider-Man, Deadpool, Dante

I hold that just about any team can compete with sufficient player skill, so I'm not much for picking "best characters" to make my team. Instead, I would rather play a team with character. And what characteristic to enjoy more than sarcastic wit? In terms of skills, Spidey and Deadpool look to have a fairly well-rounded set of options while Dante has a mind-numbing number of attacks useful in rushdown strategies.

Also, I will be playing on the PS3.