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Okay, I'll post all my information and progress on my game here.

Basically this is the beginning of the story, remembered by Tarin(main character):

I was born in a small town in Polam called Ilfort. My parents were just common folk, and so was I. I had an older sister, too. Her name was Jeanna. She was two years older then me.

I still remember the day I was enrolled in military training, as was the tradition for 14 year old boys in Ilfort. I was nervous at first, but I caught on quickly. In fact, I became skilled with nearly every weapon available. My teacher, Raphael, always told me I was his best student. I progressed very quickly.

My 16th birthday is when my life changed . . .

I was doing great in my weapons training, and my father promised me a great weapon for my birthday. He didn't say a whole lot, but I could tell he was proud of me. My mother had made a beatiful cake. It looked so good that I almost didn't want to eat it. My mother was so proud of that cake. After we finished the cake, my father gave me my present. It was a log box, so I first assumed it was a sword. But the box was too light. I rattled it a little, but couldn't guess, so I ripped the box open. It was a Katana. I was in shock. I looked down at the sword, and seen my father smiling in the reflection. I slowly ran my fingers up and down the sword. I questioned if the sword was steel, but my father just grinned, and told me to guess again. I looked back down and studied the sword. I couldn't believe it. It was silver. How on earth could my father afford a silver katana? I don't think I'll ever know.

That night, I slept, and had dreams of battling with my new silver katana. But, my dreams were cut short by a shrill scream. I jumped out of my bed, just as my father came in the door, he shouted at me quickly hide with my mother and sister. They were hiding behind the bed, and I hid under the table. . .

I was there for what seemed like an eternity. Just sitting, listening to my mother and sister crying, and the sounds of metal clanging outsite the door, separated by the occaisonal scream. My father stood by the door, with my new katana, waiting in case the bandits tried to raid our house.

But it was inevitable. The bandits busted through, almost instantly, my father pushed the katana directly through the bandits heart. He pulled out the sword and attacked the other bandits, but there were too many. In what seemed like seconds, my father lie dead on the floor. It didn't take long for them to find my sister and mother. It pains me to think of what happened to them. Jeanna was only 18 years old... and I did nothing. I just sat there, curled up under the table, as my mother and sister were violently raped, then murdered.

After the bandits left. I sat there for nearly an hour. I didn't cry, I just sat there, staring at my famlily's dead bodies.

Eventually I went out into the town. There was a group of guards who survived, and had sent a scout to find the location of the bandits' camp.

We all just sat there. No one talked, no one even looked at each other. Finally, the scout came back and confirmed the location of the camp. And the guards sent message to Russo that we needed reinforcments to help destroy the camp.

But it would take more then a day for them to arrive. All I cound think about was how I had nothing left to live for, and those bandits had every reason to die.

I walked back into my house. Pulled my katana from my father's dead hand, gave my mother a kiss on the cheek. And headed to the bandit camp.

I killed every person there. Every man, woman and child payed for the spilling of my familly's blood. All except one, the leader of the camp wasn't there. It all happened so fast, I can barely remember it. All I know, is that I had never swung a sword so hard and furiously. I returned to Ilfort a hero, but I promised myself I would find the leader of that camp, and make him pay for the death of my family.

I continued my military training for five more years, and now I am a master of the katana. Now, I will search all of Tructure to find the man that is responsible for raiding my village.

I'm completly open to any ideas or additons from anyone.
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Weapon materials (each non-unique weapon can be made of any of these):
Ancient Ore

Weapon types:
Short Sword
Long Sword
Dai Katana

Light Axe
Heavy Axe
Battle Axe
War Axe

Short Staff
Long Staff

Short Bow
Long Bow
Cross Bow
Sniper Bow


Light Hammer
Heavy Hammer
Battle Hammer
War hammer
Light Mace
Heavy Mace
Battle Mace
War Mace
Light Flail
Heavy Flail

Throwing Knife
Hand Axe
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Wow, this looks pretty good.
I think a story is nothing without a few good companions. Maybe each is skilled particularly in their own weapon category.


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Last night I finished mapping the towns that will be in the demo, but there is still a lot of work left until the demo is ready.

Here are the races and subraces found in Tructure:
Race: Description
Sub-race: Description

Humane: Basically white Humans
Perma Humane: Common Humane
Angus Humane: Humane covered in a fine fur

Grafton: Basically black humans
Perma Grafton: Common Grafton

Middian: Basically dwarves
Perma Middian: Common Middian
Huma Middian: Middian tall as a Humane

Sinarian: Basically elves capable of using lots of magic
Perma Sinarian: Common Sinarian
Graffa Sinarian: Sinarian with dark skin

Sinorian: Basically elves capable of using little magic
Perma Sinorian: Common Sinorian

Carmage: Basically nords, Big, fearless, unintelligent.
Perma Carmage: Common Carmage
Magi Carmage: Carmage intellifent as Humane

Ancient: Similar looking to an elf, only taller with a tanned skin, that has a shine to it. Very powerful with magic.
Perma Ancient: Common Ancient
Septa Ancient: Ancient with much more magical power

Anphiman: Basically humans who can live underwater. They have no hair and their skin is blue and green tints.
Perma Anphiman: Common Anphiman
Arga Anphiman: Anphiman with large fins on arms and legs

Darma: A gargoyle type people. Some argue if they are people, because they are the least intelligent race. However they are very human like.
Perma Darma: Common Darma
Urga Darma: Winged Darma
Varga Darma: Winged Fire Breathing Darma
Septa Dara: Darma capable of using magic


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Here is the map of Tructure, where the entire game takes place.

Here is some info on where the different races are located:

Humane: Everywhere except Oni's Finger

Grafton: Everywhere except Oni's Finger

Middian: Mostly Mountainous areas such as South Tructure and South of Goural River (Southern Area of West Tructure)

Carmage: Everywhere

Darma: Everwhere, but more abundant in unsettled areas. Darma are nomadic.

Anphiman: Mostly settled around coasts, lakes, and rivers.

Sinorian: Everywhere except Oni's Finger

Sinarian: Everywhere, but mostly in South Tructure.

Ancient: Everywhere, but mostly in Oni's Finger.


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Main Characters:

Tarin Hart(Main Character):
Race: Perma Humane
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ilfort, Polam
Class: Swordsman
Weapon of Choice: Katana

Dalmo Sayte:
Race: Perma Grafton
Gender: Male
Hometown: Elsinore, Polam
Class: Archer
Weapon of Choice: Bow

Ghar Smelter:
\Race: Perma Middian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tandum, South Island
Class: Middan Warrior
Weapon of Choice: Axe

Jewel Lucief
Race: Perma Sinarian
Gender: Female
Hometown: Rubin City, Polam
Class: Mage
Weapon of Choice: Staff

Race: Magi Carmage
Gender: Male
Hometown: Balto, South Point
Class: -- Undecided --
Weapon of Choice: -- Undecided --

Mohia Mohan
Race: Arga Amphiman
Gender: Female
Hometown: South Hakim, Hakim's Swamp
Class: Amphiman Warrior
Weapon of Choice: Trident


Its coming along bro. good job. Thats one of a well wrote story bro. Can't to see the game, and most of get to play it!:)


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I've been thinking of changing the way you gain experience in my game. I might make it so you don't gain experience from fighting, the only way you can gain experience is to pay for training at different training grounds. Anyone think that'd be a good idea?


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But you wouldn't have to fight millions of bumble bees in order to beat the ogre down the street, just sell some old equipment and pay for the training.

Maybe I should have both options available.


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Went back to it in different forms a few times over the years, but only ever for a month or so before I lose interest and move on.