Shovel Knight


Yeah, that's right.
Nov 10, 2003
Picked up this gem off the Wii U shop yesterday even though it's been out since June since I'm not usually a fan of indie games. I picked it up due to everyone saying it was one of the best Wii U/3DS games and after playing it for a few hours, I tend to have to agree.

The game is an 8-bit styled sidescrolling action game, where you are a knight that uses a shovel, pretty self explanatory. The game is definitely influenced by Super Mario 3, with it's over-world system and how you move about, Duck Tales with its pogostick-like jump attack, and Mega Man with its puzzle elements and easy deaths - as well as 2 tracks produced by Mega Man's composer Manami Matsumae. Your basic goal is to collect as much money as you can while you go through the levels. You can die as much as you want, but every time you die you lose a small percentage of your money. If you reach the spot that you died at, you can collect the money you lost. However, if you die before recollecting that money, its gone forever. The money is used to upgrade your health, how much magic you can use, your armor and your shovel, so you are going to need as much as you can get.

The game is challenging, the music is awesome and the graphics are vibrant and colorful. Apparently they are adding even more content in free updates in the future, such as multiplayer, a challenge mode, and more story campaigns. Its currently out for 3DS, Wii U and Steam, so if you have $15, I would suggest picking it up as it's a very fun game.

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