Morrowind or Oblivion

Discussion in 'General' started by Joe, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Tarvis

    Tarvis Yeah, that's right. Administrator

    Bumping this ancient thread only because I think Morrowind is next on my list of games to finally beat.

    Don't know if it's all the mods I have or what, but I'm finally having a blast playing an Elder Scrolls game with Skyrim. Probably the quality of life mods, because I played pretty far when Skyrim was released on XBox 360, but got stuck and never finished. So yeah, I have like 60GB worth of mods (QQ Internet Cap) that make the game pretty and less grindy.

    Then again, Fallout 4 was the first Fallout game I put a significant amount of time into and beat, so maybe my tastes are just changing.

    It seems like general consensus even still is that Morrowind is the best ES game, so with putting 140 hours into Skyrim in the last month, might be fun to actually try to beat Morrowind. Or Oblivion. Or I could finish Witcher 3, or finish the GH game, or blah.
  2. Logan

    Logan Administrator

    sadly morrowind aged like milk

    it had the best world imo, but just so antiquated

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