Hurricane or Tropical Storm party Monday possibly

Jennifer Boggs

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Aug 22, 2015
Greetings from Florida

As Tropical Storm / Hurricane Erika comes towards Fl, the models show that where I live we are in "the cone", with that being said that means no work for the hubby or I and no school for my kiddo. I have been told that we are a go for power to the internet, fridge, tv s and our window fans.
With that in mind and a good supply of alcohol I will be online in game while it is nasty and ugly outside. All I can say is bring on Erika so I play play Final Fantasy all day. Below is the link so you all get an idea of where I am.



Nov 10, 2003
As a weather buff, Ive been tracking it! Stay safe!

As a final fantasy and alcohol buff, see ya online!