FF7 Remake


Yeah, that's right.

So it's finally coming, after many, many years of requests. Who else is as excited as me?

I'm also incredibly nervous that Square Enix is going to mess it up. They have Nomura in charge of the remake, and he is also the one that has turned Cloud from the arrogant strong character to the mopey, weak character we've seen in various media since.

Also they announced that the remake is going to be done in multiple parts, which just sounds like trouble. If the parts are as long as the discs, I.E. first disc ends after Aerith's story is over, second disc ends as you get ready to go into the Northern Crater, then it could work. Although the third disc was just the final area, so that would be kind of weird. Also how long between parts? 6 months, 1 year, 2 years? Will each episode cost $60?

It's actually using Unreal Engine 4 instead of the Luminous Engine from Final Fantasy XIV and XV, I guess because they were having issues with the Luminous Engine - and it's easier to get programmers in that know how to use UE4.