Far Cry Classic


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Nov 10, 2003
Ubisoft shat out a remake of the original Far Cry on PSN and XBLA. It's a horrendous port of a great game. The framerate rarely gets above 20fps. Awful graphical glitches abound - entire sections of levels don't load their textures and just display as a solid blue/gray color. Enemies often just instantly vanish when you shoot them instead of dying properly.

This happened:

It constantly makes my PS3 crash. The sound effects rarely work properly. Currently they've stopped altogether and I just have the music. The controls suck. The vehicle controls suck MORE. They added a statistics tracker which is supposed to track how many enemies you kill and time played, except it doesn't work.

This is without a doubt the buggiest, glitchiest hack job I've ever seen. Having said that, I'm still about to get the platinum trophy.
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