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Jul 7, 2014
Hello Straw Hats!
This is Lelianna Deshour, one of the guild officers and spooniest bards on the server. Recently I have begun to throw together a Casual FC-based EX Primal, Alexander and Alexander(Savage) raid team and I am looking for just a few more members. The goal of this group is to have fun raiding, progress through the harder content and help everyone achieve their in game goals.
I would like to say that this will be more laid back than most raid teams, as we would only meet about twice a week and only for a few hours. If you have a couple hours at night to raid, we'd love to have you. I am currently looking for:
2 Healers (2 Different)
1 Dragoon
The reason for dragoon is it fits well into the dps comp we have now. And as for healers anything works, but I would prefer 2 different types.
To inquire you can message me ingame, or reply to this thread. My hope is that i can get a working team ready by Saturday and we can learn the EX primals for clears and weapons.
As I am a few weeks behind, we will not likely be doing Alex/Savage until the group is ready.
Thanks Yall
PS (As of right now there is a possiblity that we will need a tank or another DPS, so keep and eye out)


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Mar 17, 2015
This post is deleted, 'cause the poster is a blithering idiot. I wont be doing raid content for now, so remove my name from the list. I'm pretty sure I pissed everyone off so much, I have to look around for another FC, or not join others.

I apologize. I'm a fool.
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Yeah, that's right.
Nov 10, 2003
I'm a little confused about that post, but I'll hit on some points.

We haven't started any of the "static teams" stuff yet, as it is very difficult to match everyone's time, so we are still resorting to just finding whoever for the meantime.

Most of the time, we (meaning Naz, lol) ask in FC if people want to do things, and most of the time he gets little to no response, which is fine - sometimes you have to party find due to everyone's different schedules/priorities. Likewise, I see people asking in the FC for various endgame runs all the time, and Naz is usually the first one to help. Yes, we may ask from time to time that people already know the fight if we are under a time constraint, but we do plenty of learner parties too.

Now if you're expecting Naz, and/or the other officers to do nonstop raiding for everyone in the FC, which is what it sounds like from that post, then that is a little silly. However, I would be in favor of running learner parties on a more set schedule perhaps one or two days a week for a few hours, but there will always be people whose schedule will never match up with those times. So, you want to do something? Ask. Don't wait around for someone to create a group for what you want to do and hope their is a spot available. Just because you are a tank doesn't mean you can't join a party with two tanks, tanks can do just fine in a DPS slot on a lot of the fights.

All that being said, I've removed the password to the TeamSpeak server although previously you just needed to ask Naz or any of the officers for the password. It will be monitored for abuse, as we had to secure it before due to members inviting random people and taking up limited spots. I've also freed up the raid channels from the password restriction so people can set up their own raid groups as they see fit.


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Nov 9, 2011
??? You're not a fool at all! Everyone wants to get into the new content! I understand that completely. I really wish you could've just asked me for help or andrew or anyone :( I would've tried anything with you or anyone in the FC.


Nov 10, 2003
uh, he edited his post and left FC like the flash just now?



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Sep 18, 2015
If theres need for a bard in any fc raiding groups Im about ready to start savage, il 194 currently.