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    Mass Effect Cosplay

    Posted this on my facebook too but yeah, pretty much pure awesome...(Also, WTB ME3!!!!)
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    How many peoples here are from SC? We should have a cookout, Logan was bragging about his grilling skills. Said he's like level 99 or something.
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    Little Big Planet

    So has anyone played much of this? I bought it when it released a long time ago and played it for one night with some friends and had a good bit of fun. But after that only played it occasionally. This past Friday I was hanging out over at my brother in laws and some of us played the GOTY...
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    Lexus LFA

    Not sure how much any of you care about cars but this thing is sexy. 500+ horsepower, 350k$ Just listen to it, it sounds amazing, and looks amazing. Next on my wishlist...
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    Monster Hunter Tri

    Anyone playing this? This games multiplayer is super addictive. I had played the Monster Hunters on PSP before but never really got super far. I've put about 80 hours into this one though. .....joke about using Wii a lot more frequently since I got this game......
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    I'm Matt. I guess I registered a while back and forgot about it. I just saw an email from the sig generator or something so I was like 'o hay' *clicky*. ..Then I killed a dragon. The end! Also, I'm pretty sure I found the link through Bayli originally.