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  1. Bronson

    Game Series I want to be Finished

    Remember when all the Duke Nukem fans wanted that new game they'd been promised? How'd that work out for em?
  2. Bronson

    Game Series I want to be Finished

    Shadowrun could have become an incredible series had the developers not shut down the week after the the first game's release.
  3. Bronson

    First Halo 4 gameplay

    Why would you lock this thread?
  4. Bronson

    Picture Dump

    On his way to an epic afro.
  5. Bronson

    First Halo 4 gameplay

    That's chapter 2. Chapter 1 is about playing without friends. But I'll let you guest write that one.
  6. Bronson

    First Halo 4 gameplay

    That is true. The sheer amount of players within the gaming community will never be matched. Halo 2 was special. I felt like they did a decent job handling cheaters. It may seem like they didn't, but you have to remember the next point you made: the extreme amount of players made it difficult to...
  7. Bronson

    First Halo 4 gameplay

    Chris: Way to take the first sentence out, and therefore ruin the context of the phrase. I'm right though. Halo 2 should have built on what made Halo 1 great, but instead, they tore down everything and started almost completely from scratch. They focused so much on dual-wielding being the...
  8. Bronson

    First Halo 4 gameplay

    If you're trying to make the point that Halo 1 was the pinnacle of the series, you're preaching to the choir. Relative to what it should have been, Halo 2 was a complete disaster. But taken separately from its predecessor, it was still a great multiplayer experience, and the last two have been...
  9. Bronson

    First Halo 4 gameplay

    While I think adding story to multiplayer is unnecessary, and certainly shouldn't be a selling point, I don't necessarily see it as a turn-off. It's inconsequential. Multiplayer may be stale to you, but I think that has to do with Bungie trying too hard on new features (dual wielding...
  10. Bronson

    thinkin of buyin these

  11. Bronson

    thinkin of buyin these

    Actually it's tauntaun. :jordan: I hear the NHL game is good.
  12. Bronson


    Forget everything this post originally said. I have to work but should be home by 11:30 at the latest.
  13. Bronson

    Mario Tennis Open

    Wonderful game.
  14. Bronson

    Assassin Creed 3

    Mad Men is really character-driven. It's a very slow-paced show. It's good if you get to know the characters, basically because every single character on the show is a terrible person, so you just wait to see who gets screwed over for being a dick next. Don Draper is a great character, but there...
  15. Bronson

    Super Bowl XLVI

    I picked the Giants, but was hoping the Patriots would win.
  16. Bronson

    Mega Man Legends 3 Cancellation: The Fall of Capcom

    I've never understood the idea of paying for new costumes. Is that just me? If I'm going to pay for something, it needs to actually add to the gameplay (maps, characters, etc.). Frankly it's kind of insulting to think they'd even try to charge $16 for a pack of new costumes.
  17. Bronson


    We should do a "Where are they now?" with former members. Belle, Ultima, Joe, Yoda, jr, Kuro, dim, Jerint, Chris Jolley. And by that, I don't mean actually finding out what they're up to. I mean making it up.
  18. Bronson


    I welcome you from the comfort of my toilet. Welcome!
  19. Bronson

    Question for God of War fanatics.

    The third one was a huge disappointment, IMO. There were fun parts, but all in all, I expected more. I haven't played the PSP games, but I have read the backstories and plot points. It doesn't seem to have any direct connection to 3. In fact, a decent amount of GoS's story is revealed in the...
  20. Bronson

    The "Casey is playing ME2 Finally" Thread!

    It's implied that the friends you're leaving behind are of the non-dancing variety, because your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine. Your friends are supposed to dance.