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  1. SuperAfroBoy

    my rack

    hey look, i stitched together some pics of my server rack. space is really cramped in my server room so i couldn't get the whole thing in one shot.
  2. SuperAfroBoy

    The Game Awards

    Did anyone else watch this last night? It was pretty good, some real surprise winners for me. The Iwata tribute was really great, but I think my favourite moment was Geoff Keighley calling out Konami on their shitty treatment of Kojima. If you didn't watch here are the nominees and winners (in...
  3. SuperAfroBoy

    Super Mario Maker

    Who else has this? Anyone want to try some of my levels? Level Title: Bowser Has Bad Breath ID: 2B70-0000-0022-E830 Level Title: Hammer Bros. Take Flight ID: 2436-0000-0029-86C3 Level Title: The Old Boo House ID: F961-0000-002D-5829 Level Title: Koopa Village ID: DD18-0000-0031-8CB3...
  4. SuperAfroBoy

    Never getting a pet again :(

    So our 9 y/o kitty Chupa is dying. He's clearly in pain, and we need to have him euthanized. Back in PEI we had to have one of our cats euthanized and the whole ordeal only cost us about $80. Here it looks like it will cost us around $250. I just can't believe that. They have to do an exam first...
  5. SuperAfroBoy


    rough day for me today guys. was called into the HR office and told by the IT director and GM that the IT Helpdesk department is being transitioned to the company's manila geography. So myself and the other two IT techs I trained will be laid off after the nine week transition, during which I'll...
  6. SuperAfroBoy

    I might just have to get a zelda tattoo

    My bro-in-law does tattoos and just did this one for someone: I may have to get him to give me some of that pixel art love.
  7. SuperAfroBoy

    Diddy Kong Racing 2? Pretty good rumour, I'd love to see a sequel. How 'bout you guys?
  8. SuperAfroBoy

    Ubisoft Summer Sale on Nintendo eShop So Ubisoft has a bunch of games on sale, which ones are worth it? Wii U ZombiU – $22.49 Rayman Legends – $20 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – $20 Splinter Cell: Blacklist – $22.49 Assassin’s Creed III – $14.99...
  9. SuperAfroBoy

    Hyrule Warriors

    From latest famitsu Visuals are looking pretty nice in this. I never really played any of the Dynasty Warriors games, but I figure I'll probably get this eventually. Plan on getting a Wii U soonish (the MK8 bundle).
  10. SuperAfroBoy

    the song of my people
  11. SuperAfroBoy

    SAB's Xmas 2013 Thread

    Gonna post pics of the stuff we got so far, and keep it updated with whatever else we pick up. There's some of Sophia's junk i haven't taken pictures of yet (cause its girly crap). For Gabe: This stuff is all going into a little box together for gabe: For Sophia: For Mel:
  12. SuperAfroBoy

    Steam box beta

    Anyone else here getting into the steambox beta candidates? If the controller works as good as they say, this will be pretty great for me.
  13. SuperAfroBoy

    A Great Man From Nintendo's History Passed Away Today

    Today Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away at age 85. Hiroshi was president of Nintendo from 1949 until 2002, when current president Satoru Iwata took over the position. Hiroshi oversaw the transition of Nintendo from a small Japanese card making company to the global powerhouse that it is today...
  14. SuperAfroBoy

    Megaman Unlimited fan game

    has anyone played it yet? looks like it could be fun.
  15. SuperAfroBoy

    Animal Crossing New Leaf - Dream Codes

    Post any good ones you find, this is a list I copied. I haven't tied them all yet. Nintendo America 5700-2038-6151 Nintendo Japan 0000-0100-0017 Nintendo UK 7900-2106-3477 Aika village 2600-0218-7298 Alice in Wonerland village 3300-0238-8542 Mario Kart village...
  16. SuperAfroBoy

    Sometimes I actually love my job.... like right now.

    Okay, so, our company has been pushing the IT department like crazy the last few months to try and get us PCI compliant. Morale for everyone was getting pretty low, and several of the guys were on the verge of quitting. So today we had an emergency call with all the IT department, and as a...
  17. SuperAfroBoy

    My new PC

    So I'm building a new PC, nothing fancy but it is a hell of an upgrade from my 10 year old relic I'm using now. Plus I had a pretty tight budget to put it together. Ultra X-Blaster Mid-Tower V2 Case with 450W PSU Biostar AMD A780L3C Motherboard AMD Athlon II X3 450 Triple Core...
  18. SuperAfroBoy

    Pandyland - Random Comic Generator

    Pandyland - Random Comic Generator Pandyland - Random Comic Generator Pandyland - Random Comic Generator Pandyland - Random Comic Generator
  19. SuperAfroBoy

    The Prince Edward Island Encyclopedia

    Yeah, this is a pretty accurate representation of what it's like here.
  20. SuperAfroBoy

    Code Monsters

    I want to make a game for smartphones that is similar to a Monster Rancher or Pokemon type game. Raising, battling, trading monsters etc. The key difference would be that in this game, to acquire new monsters you scan QR codes or barcodes. Using these it would randomly generate a "codemon". QR...