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  1. TD

    New Member Help

    Hi, I referred a member here by the name of Darkest Lion. He gave me this message. Postby Darkest Lion » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:50 pm just tried...5 times kept calling me a spammer, did everything right..crap software... Can someone here help him out by messaging him on live I suppose? If not...
  2. TD

    The Gamecard Level Up Thread

    This will be a great place to post your Levels Ups. I know some may say levels ups mean nothing but I think the admins at gamerhandles think otherwise, or why else build them to work though posts and referrals.
  3. TD

    Final Fantasy XIII Treasure Hunter

    This will be a thread detailing the painful hair pulling of the dreaded FF13 treasure achievements. 85 more Weapons/Accessories to go.
  4. TD

    Site Requests

    Hello All, I have a simple request. When you go into a forum it shows only the threads from the last day by default. The option to change that to all threads is available I know but making it to see all threads by default would be splendid for me. I like to bump old threads, call me the...
  5. TD

    Top Dogs is here.

    Hello everyone, I am Top Dogs (Top Dogs 360 Gamertag on Live). I ran into Travis from and seen this site. I am into family,sports, and gaming. I actually run a site that relates to gaming too. Look forward to meeting the active members of gamerhandles soon. TD