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  1. Logan

    Popeye's Chicken Sandwich

    I've avoided Popeye's for the exact reason. I'll have to check it out some day.
  2. Logan

    The GOAT has left us

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  4. Logan

    Grandest of Events Part 4

    logan driving home summed up:
  5. Logan

    Grandest of Events Part 4

    how can u not mention super tennis grand victory and da CORNHOLE CHAMPIONSHIP
  6. Logan

    Grandest of Events Part 4

  7. Logan

    Grandest of Events Part 4

  8. Logan

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    sounds like a challenge to me
  9. Logan

    Great Games That No One Played

  10. Logan

    New York City

  11. Logan

    I miss my dog

  12. Logan


    :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt: :djt:
  13. Logan

    Christmas 2019

    Get crackin
  14. Logan

    Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    i bought the ugly splatoon controllers for lauren for legit 20 bucks about a year a go no fuckin joke
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    bulldogs cute as shit fuck u ya fags
  17. Logan


    what was the tubs website i must know
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  20. Logan

    Need For Speed Underground