wh1t3 t1gg3r
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Nov 9, 2011
Jun 4, 2011
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wh1t3 t1gg3r

Hardcore Gamer, from Washington

wh1t3 t1gg3r was last seen:
Nov 9, 2011
    1. wh1t3 t1gg3r
      wh1t3 t1gg3r
      If you need achievments and don't know how to get them go on my groups forum and post the achievment you need and we will post a guide on how to get it
    2. wh1t3 t1gg3r
      wh1t3 t1gg3r
      I own 64 games so if you don't think I have your game.............YOUR WRONG! Lets play
    3. wh1t3 t1gg3r
      wh1t3 t1gg3r
      My birthday is tomorrow!!!
    4. wh1t3 t1gg3r
      wh1t3 t1gg3r
      If you need help with any game achievments hit me up and i can help you!
    5. wh1t3 t1gg3r
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    Xbox Gamertag:
    wh1t3 t1gg3r
    I own 64 games
    I have a 73in tv
    I have a turtle beach x1
    I have 7 controllers, 2 are modded, 2 I customized, the others are just normal controllers

    Games i own:
    tdu 2
    guitar hero world tour
    ufc 2010
    fallen angel sacred two
    thrillville over the rails
    viva pinata TIP
    blitz the league two
    red faction guerilla
    left 4 dead
    assasins creed 2
    final fantasy xi
    dragon age
    banjo kasooie nuts and bolts
    halo 2
    halo 2 PC
    call of duty waw
    fall out 3
    gears of war 2
    rock band 2
    brutal legend
    bully scholarchip edition
    kane and lynch dog days
    need for speed shift
    splinter cell conviction
    fable 2
    fable 3
    skate 2
    call of duty black ops
    mortal kombat
    need for speed hot pursuit
    forza 3
    assasins creed brotherhood
    madden nfl 10
    army of two forthyth day
    ufc 2009
    red dead redemption
    dead space 2
    organge box
    halo reach
    fallout new vegas
    mafia 2
    kinect sports
    halo 3
    halo ODST
    skate 3
    star wars the force unleashed 2
    battlefield bad company 2
    left for dead 2
    marvel ultimate alliance
    kinect deca sports
    lego indiana jones
    kung fu panda
    ace combat six
    tekken 6
    kinect adventures
    metro 2033

    I make model cars


    most proud achievements

    Vidmaster Challenge: Annual

    Bladder of Steel

    Platinum Artist

    Number of games 100%

    18 games

    Number of games i own

    64 games i own

    Achievment that took forever that wasn't worth it

    VidMaster Endure for Halo ODST