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    I like life.

    I like life.
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    GamerCard Generator Fixes

    I don't know how to change my gamercard anymore. I had Scorpion, Dark Souls, and Disseada. Now I only have Halo. Sad Panda I am.
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    Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

    A little off topic but do you really think this was the end of the story or just the end of the Bruce Wayne story? I read somewhere they might run this into the new Justice League movie later. Gary Oldman Hints At ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Sequels
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    Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

    Regarding Bane's death I think of this over and over. Conversation between Batman and Catwoman. "Why run? Bane?" "You should be afraid of him as much as I am." Never expected the one who was afraid of him to finish him. Batman should be the one scouring the evil criminals from Gotham...
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    Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

    Thank you very much. You were much more help than that SOB above you. SAB, SAB I mean. ;)
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    Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

    What is the big difference between a Director and Producer. I see alot of the big names to both in different movies. Please don't say the Director directs and the Producer produces either.
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    Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

    I also seen Nolan is moving onto The Man of Steel. Good, Bad?
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    Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

    I happen to really like this movie but I agree on this one. Bane kicked Batman's ass all over Gotham, broke his back and destroyed his will. Then all of a sudden cat woman shoots him with the bike. The end. Did they run out of production time? Reminded me of LOST as they got so into the...
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    Willa Wonka and the Chocolate factory.
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    New Member Help

    Thanks handles! I knew I could count on you.
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    New Member Help

    Hi, I referred a member here by the name of Darkest Lion. He gave me this message. Postby Darkest Lion » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:50 pm just tried...5 times kept calling me a spammer, did everything right..crap software... Can someone here help him out by messaging him on live I suppose? If not...
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    Haha I see I have a stalker named Melissa Norris on here :)

    Haha I see I have a stalker named Melissa Norris on here :)
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    I'm a fan of Halo and Hitman but Mass Effect and Shepard clearly should of been in the middle. And if they add multiplayer I hope they don't fuck up the single player in the process.
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    Final Fantasy XIII Treasure Hunter

    29 left. I may need another "Good Luck" clip to get me through.
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