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    DGFX Graphics & Signatures:

    Ha Ha Afro that's one big Artwork picture man!
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    DGFX Graphics & Signatures:

    Hope the staff don't mind me posting this only its not a gaming site, just wondered if any of you guys need help with Graphics, Artwork, Banners and Signatures etc, if so this new site has Resources, Help, Competitions, Renders, Tutorials and Idea's if your interested in this sort of thing. I...
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    Duke Nukem Forever: A die-hard fans review

    Love the cartoon's Jay, cool.
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome S2N.
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    Thanks for the friend add girl.

    Thanks for the friend add girl.
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    Game: FEAR 3

    Really Andrew is it that bad? arr well I was hoping it was going to be great.
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    gears of war 3

    I will be getting this for my birthday.
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    Hi there Tricky I know you from the resource 360 site, good day sir ;)
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    Gamercard Generator Image Request Thread

    Ok Travis I will wait on the changes thanks for letting us know.
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    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
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    Gamercard Generator Image Request Thread

    Hello Logan, is there any chance I could change my gamercard background to this below please, thanks in advance if it can be done.
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    Hello Joe welcome to the site.

    Hello Joe welcome to the site.
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    Hi GH members

    Hello Joe welcome to GH
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    Hello Gamers

    Welcome to the site Craig.
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    DiRT 3 Info

    Its just a name given to the game Siren, Colin McRae Dirt 1 and Dirt 2 are the previous versions of this game. Look up WRC below (World Rally Championship), the game is based on that sport. There's also this game below which is different to the Dirt Series, but has similar...