The Dumb New Years Thread


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Well, no New Years resolutions for me this year. What were the ones I had this time last year? "Stop being so goddamn miserable, you worthless shitstain of a human being?" Well, I kinda messed that one up. 2008 was, on average, god awful. There were some ok moments, but most of it just sucked a fat one. For one thing I began a slow but sure descent into crippling alcoholism, so that was fun. I'm finding it harder and harder to restrain my urges to just lash out at people.

2009 is gonna be the big suck. I'm gonna do a very dumb thing in prolly a month or so and quit my job in the middle of a big ol' global depression. This time next year I'll have 5 months left of university, and then I'll have to go find work. Somehow. Maybe I'll just join the police, they always need more cops. I'll get a steady salary and I'll get to be the brunt of endless hatred by self-righteous pricks, because cops are pigs! Or, maybe I'll actually try and land myself a position in advertising somewhere, which will probably be completely impossible.

Hey, in my time zone it isn't Christmas anymore so I get to be as fucking bitter and miserable as I want! So does anybody else have any plans for 2009 besides 'don't die' or WUT.

Actually I already asked you fuckers what's in store for 2009 earlier. So ignore that part. I guess this is Joe's Totally Unnecessary Rant Thread #21435.


Monkeys killing monkeys
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Ill be in New MEXICO with dirty mexicans.. and SNOW.

prolly get some fireworrrrksss. this Year should be FUN i hope.