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  1. Dave

    The GOAT has left us

    RIP king :cry:
  2. Dave

    Nintendo Announces SNES Classic

    Games List: Contra III - Alien Wars Donkey Kong Country Final Fantasy III EarthBound F-Zero Kirby's Dream Course Mega Man X Legend of Zelda: A link to the past Secret of Mana Star Fox 1 & 2 Street Fighter 2 Super Castlevania IV Super Ghouls and Ghosts Super Mario World Super MEtroid Super Punch...
  3. Dave

    WTF Papa John's?

    Pizza toppings UNDER the cheese. What kind of sick joke is that? I ordered a pepperoni and mushroom and thought it was a cheese pizza when I opened it... turns out my toppings were a soupy mess underneath the cheese...Is this normal? What a chickenshit move. Give me a Screamin' Sicilian to pop...
  4. Dave

    My Jimmies are a little rustled that it will be 70 degrees on Christmas

    Obviously I don't speak for everyone, but am I alone here? I mean, for godsake at least in the 60's. I mean, sure I'm going to enjoy drinking my bacon-infused eggnog with extra rum while watching the Die Hard movies as much as ever, but I'm a season guy. I don't like spring in December.
  5. Dave

    Greatest Gifs of 2013

    Solid year.
  6. Dave

    ITT we discuss Cracker Barrel

    Hell of a restaurant. What are your go tos at The Barrel? I've usually been a country fried steak or chicken and dumplings man, but the last several times I've decided to start trying various things. The meatloaf is definitely the most underrated item on the menu. Incredible. Hash brown...
  7. Dave

    James Bond Fans GTF ITT

    SKYFALL Heard nothing but brilliant things. This movie will cement that Craig is the GOAT Bond.
  8. Dave

    The Skyfall Thread

    ALL THINGS JAMES BOND GET IN THIS THREAD. First Skyfall trailer. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> :happymarcus::happymarcus::happymarcus::happymarcus::happymarcus::happymarcus::happymarcus:
  9. Dave

    Best Zelda Boss Fights

    Favorite bosses from any Zelda game. No specific order. 1) Stallord (Twilight Princess)- The spinner was an awesome tool, and it made the boss fight fun and unique. 2) Argorok (Twilight Princess)- Had to look this one up because I completely forgot the name. Awesome fight. Battle in...
  10. Dave

    The I'm About to Be Worth Half a Billion Thread

    Bought ten numbers earlier. Feeling good. Just want to let everyone know that when I win, I will make sure all my family and friends are set for life. I will also be the first person to host a party on the moon.
  11. Dave

    An Actual Complain Letter Sent to American Airlines

    American Airlines Representatives, I first want to start out by saying that I have no axe to grind with you. I am a frequent flyer, without much brand loyalty. I fly your airline along with Delta, Continental, Southwest, Virgin America, United, and JetBlue all with some degree of regularity...
  12. Dave

    Most Annoying Video Game Characters

    So the thread on hardest achievements got me to thinking about this. Here's a few that pop into my head rather quickly, in no particular order: 1) Slippy from Star Fox- Isn't he the engineer of the Star Fox team? Cool story, bro! Stop talking. Seriously. A toad flying a jet aircraft. Sounds...
  13. Dave

  14. Dave


    I dunno
  15. Dave

    Guess the Name Game

    This is stupid hard, but it's fun. Some before our time, so it really makes you think.
  16. Dave

    Beavis and Butthead

    Coming back?! Thoughts? Just so we're all on the same page, this show is amazing.
  17. Dave

    Oh. Hell. Yes.

    YouTube- Predators 2010 Movie Trailer [H"]400 Bad Request WATCH IT AND THEN WATCH IT SOME MORE.
  18. Dave

    Game: Mass Effect 2

    Honestly, this will probably go down as a top-five game for me. Incredible. Everything that I didn't like about Mass Effect (which wasn't much to begin with), they improved- plus a lot more. The re-play value of this game is insane, because there are so many ways to finish things off. Usually I...
  19. Dave

    Fantasy Football

    So instead of starting up some bullshit league and try to get a bunch of random people I know to join, I thought it'd be cool if we started a league for the forums. It's cool if you want to invite some other people, such as Bob getting in on the action. I know some of you aren't the biggest...
  20. Dave

    Bye :(

    I'm heading out to Mexico for a couple weeks tomorrow, but our flight leaves from Charlotte. So I'm about to drive to Charlotte to stay in a hotel over night so I don't have to get up at 2:00 in the morning to catch a flight. So this will be the last time I'm on a computer for a while, unless I...