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  1. Tarvis

    The GOAT has left us

  2. Tarvis

    ATL vs NE

  3. Tarvis

    Grandest of Events Part 4

  4. Tarvis

    Grandest of Events Part 4

    At least there was the Trump RV.
  5. Tarvis

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    No, I'm not
  6. Tarvis

    Netflix Night!: 05/20/11: Battle of Los Angeles

    Don't forget the all-important celtic music.
  7. Tarvis

    I miss my dog

  8. Tarvis

    Christmas 2K14

    Think its in the senior members forum
  9. Tarvis

    4. Zelda Xtreme vs Xbox Hounds April 2011 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Oobs with the massive cliffhanger.
  10. Tarvis

    Red Dead Redemption

    WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE PERMANENT POSSE? Remember that time that everyone else voted to let that guy live in the mission and I blew his ass away anyways Rambo V style?
  11. Tarvis

    April fools prank where Travis died in a car accident

    I thought it was on here? Maybe it crossed over to both. Only thing I remember about Deku Boards is me being a dickhead so it could be true that it was on there too.
  12. Tarvis

    ME Andromeda

    Bioware has chucked all the good talents they had.
  13. Tarvis

    FF7 Remake

    Make it to 2025 and maybe.
  14. Tarvis

    Step into my time machine!

  15. Tarvis

    Shovel Knight

    It was a pretty easy game tho.
  16. Tarvis


    they are ok as puppies then they turn into
  17. Tarvis

    Need For Speed Underground

    I think this was probably the last PC game I bought in a retail store.
  18. Tarvis

    Christmas 2019

    That arcade machine was sitting on porch when I got home yesterday lol. I had to tell wife I didn't see it, but I don't think she believed me. I was going to hack it and put raspberry pi on it for all the snes funs but I don't know if I'll be able to do that before you come.
  19. Tarvis

    FFXIV Thread

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