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    Netflix Night!: 7/15/11: Street Fighter

    It is mentioned in the dialogue and the marquee as the third film in the triple bill so you are all right, as is TheRanchHand in that the on screen footage is from The Street Fighter.
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    Netflix Night!: 05/20/11: Battle of Los Angeles

    No Im thinking something besides TRF, that pretty much ties up the weekend. Im thinkin a night of a few drams, a steak and if we are fortunate-Celtic music.
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    Netflix Night!: 3/18/11: Assault of the Sasquatch

    I use netflix and I like it alright but it is a little baffling sometimes because they have some movies on their and not others case in point they have ghostbusters 2 but not ghostbusters what the hell?
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    Netflix Night!: 5/6/11 Meteor Apocalypse

    Useful information, I will follow the topic