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    Battlefield 1943

    FIFY They grow up so fast
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    Battlefield 1943

    That night when we met Squigs is an all timer. Someone find the video from that night.
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    FF7 Remake

    I think there are some confusing moments in the ending, particularly the part with Cloud and Zack, but I think that was the planet telling Aerith what happened to him because she is literally standing where he died. She even makes references to preferring the plated sky, which goes back to...
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    The Lazy Reviewer Thread

    DOOM Eternal GOAT FPS 10/10
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    The Prestigious Miner Has Returned.

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    Whoever comes out of the democratic party is going to get carpet bombed in the election. It'll be ugly. Not Reagan/Mondale ugly, but probably Obama/Romney ugly. You don't beat an incumbent president in a thriving economy. Especially not one of these flunkies.
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    Popeye's Chicken Sandwich

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    Popeye's Chicken Sandwich

    What's the point of having a chicken sandwich if you're always going to be SOLD OUT. EASLEY GONNA EASLEY
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    Game of Thrones

    One of the most overrated shows ever with one of the shittiest final seasons ever. 5/10 if we're being honest
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    Popeye's Chicken Sandwich

    The only two Popeye's near me, one being in a brand new one in Easley, are always slammed when I'm around, and there isn't a fast food place on earth worth a long wait when I'm hungry. I travel to Illinois for work a lot, so I went to one of the millions they have there and got right in. I got...
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    The GOAT has left us

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    The GOAT has left us

    RIP king :cry:
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    ATL vs NE

    lmao photo of our generation
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    ATL vs NE

    My Super Bowl
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    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Trying really hard to push through Control, but damn is it mediocre as shit. Death Stranding is good, but loooooooooooooong.